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' Some highly secure workplaces may even use biological 'markings' like fingerprint readers Introduction, 2011, IBM. Accountability means that the source of the information is not anonymous and can be traced. A user should not be able to falsify his or her UL address or email address, given the requirements of the system. "Non repudiation is a property achieved through cryptographic methods which prevents an individual or entity from denying having performed a particular action related to data. Through the use of security related mechanisms, producers and…… Security System AnalysisPaypalThe information era has totally revolutionized our society with its sphere of influence touching every facet of our lives. There is a paradigm shift in our business methodology and ecommerce has evolved as an integral and indispensable aspect of any business venture that wishes to capitalize on the global market that technology promises.

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However, we cannot account for individual settings on personal computers, such as brightness levels and variations in screen styles.

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In the case, Bellevue Hospital provides a clear policy which guides the hospital in its reduction of theft of assets Chenkin v.

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